Rules of the Game

~First things first, roll the die and the player with the highest roll goes first.

~Each player gets 2 "flicks" per turn to get into your opponents end zone.  Your best bet would be sliding the football down the field.

~The ball must be hanging off the edge to count for a touchdown.

~If you go out of bounds (off the field), you must start your next "flick" from your own end zone.

~After a touchdown is scored, in order to determine where you will kick your field goal from, roll the die and follow the indicating number.  Rolling a one would be 10 yards out, rolling a two would be twenty yards out, and so on.

~Time outs: Each team gets three cards for the whole game, given at the beginning of each game.  The questions will be trivia style, developed specifically for Rutgers in this case.  Players can use the "Timeout Cards" at any given time while the your opponent is in play.  If you get the question correct, your opponent must go back to the beginning of their side of the board but still maintain whatever down it was before the card was played. (Example: 2nd down from the 5 yard line, would become 2nd from the beginning of the board).  The opponent reads the question to the person trying to answer it correctly.  You may not use time out cards back to back, you must wait at least one turn before using another one.  If you choose to use the timeout cards and you get the question wrong, the penalty is that you will lose your next turn.

~Defensive Playmaker: Using "football guys" as the defensive playmaker on the game board should add an interesting twist.  If you flick on the first down (your first attempt) and get a touchdown, then you earn 3 defensive playmakers.  The pieces can be placed anywhere on the board during a given drive during your opponents NEXT TURN ONLY.  It may only be played for one set of two downs or until your opponent turns the ball back over.

~Scoring:  Each touchdown is worth six points.  Every extra point (field goal) is worth 1 point.  The first person to reach 35 points is the winner!